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Personal Data            

Name Eberhard Prinzing

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Electrotechnik
technical informatics

born 27.03.1957
nationality german
marital status married
languages German, English
main focus - business process analysis and consulting
- solution concepts and implementation
- project management (certified according to GPM / IPMA)
- division management (professional, personal and budget responsibility)
interests - new technologies and methodology
- efficient using of IT systems for process management
- BPM, ERP and product data management


Industry Methodology
Services application integration
enterprise application integration
automotive supply
product data management
certified eMatrix collaboration consultant (12/2001)
production industry change management
mechanical engineering data modeling(ERM, SERM)
small size industry phase concepts (V-Modell, GPM/IPMA)
pharmaceutical industry project management, critical path analysis (PERT)
bank quality management
trade risk management (SWOT analysis)
   software development methods
(OOA and OOD according to Coad and Yourdan)


from to Type of education
1972 1975 education as car electrican
1979 1982 Fachhochschule Ulm
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Electrotechnic (technical informatics)
   2005 Certification for project management
according to GPM / IPMA

Trainings visited

from to Type of training
08.02. 24.04.78 Introduction to electronics
10.01. 14.01.83 TANDEM, concepts and facilities
05.08. 09.08.85 TANDEM, TAL programming
07.04. 18.04.86 /1 RPS block education
13.11. 14.11.86 expert systems
05.10. 06.10.87 UNIX - an overview
14.10. 16.10.87 UNIX basics
19.10. 21.10.87 UNIX command interpreter (shell)
12.12. 13.12.89 IDS, locally production steering of CIM
12.02. 13.02.00 rhetoric
   31.12.01 eMatrix Certified Professional Collaboration Consultant
   12.03.04 Oracle basics
   19.03.04 http basics
   26.03.2004 Introduction to Web Methodes
   04.06.04 Mercury, system test of Windows- and Web applications
   30.07.04 Introduction to XML
08.12. 10.12.04 Nautilus modeling
   18.07.05 IDS, Analyzing processes with ARIS PPM
   19.07.05 Process analysis techniques with ARIS PPM
   23.05.06 Expert.ivy-Inside
28.11. 29.11.06 SAP ABAP workbench basics and concepts
   07.12.06 SAP LSMW workbench overview

Trainings given

year days type of training
1999 5 Family ERP system
2002 1 MatrixOne, user training
2002 2 MatrixOne, business administrator
2004 4 x 1/2 Crystal Reports
2005 2 Introduction to process modeling
2005 2 Handysoft, BPM processes with BizFlow 9.0
2005 2 Fujitsu, BPM processes with Interstage 7.0
2005 1 business process modeling basics


from to business activities
since 2008 project management for a implementation of a ECM platform based on MOSS
consulting for the MRP system "Family"
2006 2008 project management and consulting on implementation of a SAP system
2005 2006 consulting and training in Business Process Management
  2005 Proof of concept for selecting a BPM system at a bank in Berlin
   2004 process consulting (ERP) and business development in the United Arab Emirates
   2004 Presales and project management in a military project
  2003 Manager IT-Service at a Service Provider
  2003 managing the selling of the department catalog management software
1998 2003 Manger PDM Services
Sales and project consulting with the PDM system from MatrixOne
  1999 ERP Consulting and Implementation of the selected system
1998 1999 Investigation of Internet / Intranet software for year2000 compatibility
  1998 concept of a online interface between a PDM system and a ERP system
1996 1997 Managing and developing, testing, implementation and training for the designed PDM system in 1995
  1995 process analysis and conception for an customer individual product data management system (PDM)
1994 1995 Design and developing of a multilingual packing list
  1995 Object oriented design for a environmental information system
1991 1993 Analysis, design and implementation of a integrated store management system for integration of 5 different
store management systems
1991 1992 concept and implementation of an ERP system for a mechanical engineering company
1987 1990 developing of an standard ERP system with the modules planning, control panel, time registration, access control
PDA (product data acquisition), MDA (machine data acquisition) and DNC (direct numeric control)
1986 1987 implementation of a DNC system for small to midsize lot production
  1985 specification for a quality management system
1982 1985 concept and implementation of a steering system for full automatic production systems, store systems and
AGV (automated guided vehicle system)

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